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August 2014
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Act Three has hosted Emmy winners, late-night writers, and authors. Joe Toplyn is all three. Joe joins Chip to discuss his new book, "Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV". He draws from deep late night experience on Late Night with David Letterman, The Chevy Chase Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Show with David Letterman. Joe also shares his experiences writing for two legendary comedy shows: In Living Color and The Larry Sanders Show. He has also written for Doctor Doctor and Monk. Enjoy this episode, and absolutely buy "Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV", available at bookstores everywhere and on Amazon.

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Dan joins Chip to discuss the process for writing his web series, new work for network TV, and tapping every inch of his life to help craft shows. A rare combo of both stage animal and accomplished writer, Dan talks about his luck of working with some industry heavyweight writers and showrunners. We hope to see Dan star in a project soon too, but if not he'll gladly take the well-earned money and run. 

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Selena is a New York comedian, writer, and editor. She's studied improv and sketch comedy at UCB, iO, and ImprovAsylum. She joins Chip to talk about writing her book "New Rules For Blondes", her love of glam rock, and most importantly, the process of pitching and publishing a book. We also hear about the journey of reading criticism and troll vitriol on the web. Be sure to check out her comedy show, Bitchcraft, on Tues, April 29th at 7pm at The Duplex in the West Village.

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Dan joins Chip to discuss his book "How Not to Read" (Penguin Books), and the journey from a fun Tumblr account (Better Book Titles) to a literary agent to being published. He discusses the process of a book pitch, and the many ideas that go to publishers before one is sold. Dan also talks about the value of producing several different types of content, and the value of being both a comedian and writer. 

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Emily Heller / Surviving Jack

Chip joins Emily in Los Angeles to talk about her recent move from New York, and her experience in the writers room for a new show. Emily shares her experience of how she was hired, and the golden rule of being ready with your own writing samples when opportunity strikes. This is a really valuable look at her experience with veteran writers, and the penning of her first episode. Surviving Jack premieres on FOX on March 27 at 9:30/8:30 central.

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Chip joins an old friend, Ward Roberts, in Los Angeles to discuss the writing, direction and production of his latest film, Dust Up. The movie is rightfully billed as a kickass action comedy, and Ward explains how it stands on the shoulders of all his previous projects. He also gives us a glimpse into the beast of editing a feature, and the blood, sweat and tears required to do it well. Dust Up is available to stream on Amazon Prime, and can be purchased on iTunes or at Be sure to also check out Little Big Top on Netflix.

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Nate joins Chip to talk about writing for The Pete Holmes Show. He shares his infamous story of quitting a hated day job, and how it helped him focus on his goals with standup and writing. It worked!  Nate also emphasizes the importance of being prepared with writing samples, so you're ready to rock once a manager or lit agent finds you. Buy the new album, "Glass Matthew", from his comedy duo Team Submarine, available on iTunes. The Pete Holmes Show returns on February 24th on TBS. 

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